Johnny Miller Comment 2

February 22, 2008

Veteran Don Dice of Cibolo, Texas, also writes in response to the Johnny Miller comment in March comparing the tour pro's travel, and time away from family, with that of the military.

In the March 2008 issue, I take some offense to Johnny Miller's comments about "the hard part was leaving his family to go play golf." He mentions the troops going to Iraq. The big difference he failed to mention is, if he misses a few putts he doesn't get paid. If the troops aren't paying attention, they come home in a bag. The gallery may be a distraction, but at least they aren't shooting at you. And by the way, the pay isn't quite the same. When I left my family going to Korea in '53 and Viet Nam in '65, those were sad moments in our lives, but Thank God he got us though it.>

Poster andybrown and reader John Gregory Vincent have also commented.

--Bob Carney