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John Atkinson

We got a couple of very nice notes on the Golf Digest US Open Challenge special on NBC Sunday afternoon and contest winner John Atkinson.

As one of 56,374 entrants in the Golf Digest contest, I believed I could beat the 100, although I really didn't expect to win the essay contest. It's Sunday morning and I'm spending my first Father's Day without my father, who passed away last year. I've just finished watching NBC's tribute to Tim Russert and finally got to read Craig Bestrom's article on John Atkinson. I am now glad I didn't win the contest. Breaking 100 @ Torrey Pines would have been a nice achievement. However, John broke 100 on the toughest course of all....life. I know he didn't do well (as a golfer) @ Torrey Pines, but I will be glued to the set watching him try and rooting for his every shot. mhirsch1110.

You did a fine job of telling the story of John Atkinson. His saga was the dream of many average golfers, only John's story is so much richer than just the 18 holes of golf he played at Torrey Pines. As one of the nearly 57,000 amateur golfers who entered the contest, I admire his hard work and his effort on behalf of all the dreamers who think they can play with the pros just once. Mike Wronkovich Norton, OH


Subsequent to his round at Torrey Pines, John and his brother Kevin were [guests of Matt Lauer on the Today Show today.](

We couldn't have found a better winner.

--Bob Carney