Glory Days

Legendary human Joey Gallo apparently once pitched a no-hitter and took Greg Maddux’s daughter to prom in the same day

Joey Gallo isn’t exactly a household name. Sure, he won his first Gold Glove in 2020, but he did so while batting .181 on a 22-38 Rangers team. That’s not the kind of stuff that lands you the local Ford dealership commercials. But what Gallo might lack in star power, he makes up for being one of the best quotes in the MLB. Just check out his recent mic’d up segment if you don’t believe us.

Gold, Jerry. Gold. But that is a mere speck compared to the veritable Fort Knox Gallo delivered on Wednesday, joining MLB Network to tell the story of the time he pitched a no-hitter and then took Greg Maddux’s daughter Paige to the prom all in the same day. Talk about peaking in high school . . .

We now pause for a brief musical intermission.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of our system, can you imagine how nerve wracking it must have been to show up to knock on the Mad Dog’s door to take his daughter to prom? In fact, Gallo probably wouldn’t have even stepped out of the car if it weren’t for that no hitter, which he does credit as being something of an “icebreaker.” Lucky break, kid.

All in all, a funny story from Gallo, even if he and Paige (and pitching) did end up going their separate ways. We doubt you’ll be watching too much Rangers baseball this year, but if you ever catch Gallo with a mic in his face, this is your reminder to turn up the volume.