Monotone Monday

Golf debate of the day: Does Joey Bosa sound exactly like Dustin Johnson?

November 07, 2023

On Monday night, the Los Angeles Chargers cruised to a 27-6 victory over the New York Jets. The win clawed the Chargers back to .500 and into the AFC Wild Card race. Arnold Schwarzenegger brought his donkey to Manningcast. Troy Aikman had a Freudian slip. It was a good time … but it had very little to do with golf.

That is until Action Network’s Jason Sobel posed the following question to social media after the game:

Doesn't Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa sound exactly like Dustin Johnson?

As we all know, Johnson has one of the most unique (and imitated) deliveries in all of golf. It’s slow and careful, a pulling from limited bucket of words and sounds. His monotone voice is colored ever so slightly by a syrupy South Carolina drawl bubbling just beneath the surface. He’s yeoman-like in his delivery, but shaman-like in his wisdom. Here’s a recap of some of his greatest sound bites in case you haven’t spent a lot of time on the CW app the past two seasons.

So, that brings us to the question at hand: Is JB DJ’s auditory doppelganger? For our money, eh, not really. The pair clearly share a love of eyelid-drooping sports cliches, but Bosa speaks a little quicker and his voice isn’t quite as deep or flat. It’s definitely in the wheelhouse, but we’d stop short of “uncanny.” But what do you say? We know golfers love nothing more than a good debate, some healthy ratatat, a zesty repartee. So let us know what you think. Who knows, with a little patience and a lot of shouting, you might just change our mind.