Joel Klatt riling up the "Avengers"-loving nerds makes him our college football star of the week

November 25, 2019

On Saturday afternoon, the Penn State-Ohio State game quickly entered blowout territory, with the Buckeyes racing out to a 21-0 lead. There's nothing worse than one of the sport's biggest games of the week has you flipping the channel in the third quarter, which is unfortunately something that's happened to FOX's broadcasting duo of Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt quite often this season.

But the Nittany Lions ended up making it a game, scoring 17 unanswered with the help of a few OSU turnovers. The Buckeyes took the momentum back with a touchdown early in the fourth quarter to make it 28-17, but it was still a game if Penn State could score.

With a tight game late between two top 10 teams comes more eyeballs, which, for Johnson and Klatt, means more scrutiny from the Twitter police. Klatt put one up on a tee for the trolls with under two minutes to play, when Ohio State's Chase Young, a future top 5 pick in the NFL draft, continued to wreak havoc in Penn State's backfield. Klatt compared him to Superman, but made a major mistake in the process:

Whoops! To be honest with you, I was watching this live and did not even bat an eye. I've not seen a single one of those "Avengers" movies and I'm never going to. Sorry if this offends, but enough is enough with those movies.

Like me, it sounds like Klatt hasn't seen them either, as his gaffe was promptly ridiculed by the nerds of the internet. For riling up a bunch of people who care WAY too much about a bunch of dumbass superheroes, Klatt is without a doubt our college football star of the week. Folks were MAD ONLINE over this:

Klatt handled all these comic book crazies perfectly on Twitter after the fact:

R-E-L-A-X is right. Freaking nerds, man.

Honorable Mentions


UGA X was literally everyone watching that Georgia-Texas A&M field goal fest on Saturday afternoon:

Coach O

Following his team's absolute dismantling of Arkansas, Coach O added insult to injury:

Not wrong. The Razorbacks have officially become the Rutgers of the SEC. Darren McFadden ain't walking through that door.

The Statue of Liberty play

Of course Boise State ran it and of course Boise State scored on it. Oklahoma Sooners fans must have had some serious PTSD watching that.

Rubix Cube kid

This is it. This is the most Northwestern football video of all time:


Remember the FIU-Miami fight all the way back in 2006? What a time to be alive:

Myles Garrett definitely remembers it, but that's neither here nor there.

Thirteen years later, FIU exacted some revenge, beating the U for its first-ever victory against a Power 5 opponent:

The fact it happened against Miami makes it that much sweeter. How about the kicker doing the throat slash after an extra point?

Incredible. FIU might have legitimately broken Miami's program on Saturday night. Manny Diaz looked like he saw a ghost after the game:

Maybe we should put a 10-year ban on ever declaring The U to be "back."