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Joel Embiid tried the James Harden stepback in a game and it went exactly like you would expect

February 16, 2022

James Harden has been a Philadelphia 76er less than a week and already he’s having a profound impact. He’s turned the City of Brotherly Love into a fashion hub …

He’s gotten A.I. reinvested in the franchise …

He’s even helping coach the fellas up, seen teaching Joel Embiid his signature stepback jumper at practice on Monday.

Infamously good guy. Gets along with everybody. You love to see it. Unfortunately, judging by this clip from Tuesday’s ugly loss to the Celtics, Harden may have bit off more than he could chew with Embiid’s long-range game. Roll the tape.

My goodness gracious that’s rough. It takes that practice video from charming to ominous in a matter of seconds. What was Embiid was thinking trying to apply a skill he learned 24 hours ago while trailing 24 points in a professional basketball game? That's between him and God (and Doc Rivers), but unless the point was comedy, it’s safe to say it didn’t work out.

Still though, it’s good to see Harden already rubbing off on his teammates. The sky is limit for the Sixers now. What could possibly go wrong?