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J.J. Watt telling Deshaun Watson 'we wasted one of your years' hits extremely different today

February 12, 2021

On Friday morning, the Houston Texans announced the release of franchise legend J.J. Watt. Watt, who requested the release, spent 10 seasons in H-Town, where he won three AP Defensive Player of the Year awards, made five Pro Bowls and led the NFL in sacks twice. Unfortunately, the Texans never made it out of the Divisional Round of the playoffs during Watt's tenure. 

Things could get even uglier for Texans fans this offseason, as franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson is rumored to be on the move. The Texans have told teams they aren't trading him, but it seems almost inevitable at this point. The pain will almost certainly continue ... 

"Tough times" would be putting it lightly. The Texans really were a few dumb calls away from an AFC Championship game a year ago, a game they would have hosted as the higher seed against the division-rival Tennessee Titans. Three-hundred sixty-five days and then some later, they are on the verge of going back into the NFL's basement. WOOF. 

But don't fret, Texans fans. ESPN's social media manager dug up a special moment between Watt and Watson from this past season to make you forget all the pain. Just kidding, this clip from NFL Films is pure torture: 

Damn, was this necessary? Because of the rules of the internet, where you must capitalize on moments like J.J. Watt's release, yes it was absolutely necessary. Tough break, Texans fans. At least you have the third overall pi---.... oh, right.