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Jeff Petry's terrifying bloodshot eyes have taken the internet by storm

As a noted please-like-my-sport hockey guy, I'm always willing to jump at the opportunity to play up NHL players doing things that literally only NHL players do. Take pucks to the face and be back for the next shift, play an entire postseason with a broken foot and refer to it as a "lower-body injury," get concussed, return to the game, score an iconic goal you'll never remember Paul Kariya-style, etc., etc.

But even for me, Jeff Petry's bloodshot eyes are a bit much, and by a bit much I mean I won't be sleeping for a week: 

(extreme Billy Madison when he sees the lunch lady voice) GOOOOOOOO! What on EARTH is up with Petry's eyes? The Twitter cops immediately jumped to them being bloodshot, or possibly the result of a rough few days in Las Vegas. Hey, happens to the best of us, right? Petry's wife weighed in on the 'gram:

Hold the F up, his eyes looked worse a week ago? Were they bleeding? Were there frickin' laser beams coming out of them? Were they black? How could it possibly get any worse?

According to Sportsnet's Kyle Bukauskas, Petry's terrifying-looking eyes are a result of a subconjunctival hemorrhage, or a broken blood vessel that appers in your eyes. In Game 3 against the Winnipeg Jets, Petry suffered a hand injury that kept him out until Wednesday night, when he returned to action with his devilish eyes. How a hand injury could possibly make them look like that remains a mystery, as Petry offered no details after the game. Fortunately, he's doing just fine. 

Hockey tough, part 1 million. Please like my sport.