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Jayson Tatum reveals what everyone has been calling him at the golf course after winning the NBA Finals

Basketball star (and now champion) Jayson Tatum picked up golf in 2020 while competing in the NBA Bubble. His swing has progressed over the last four years, and he quickly became a serviceable golfer with a hell of a drive. He competed in the FedEx St. Jude pro-am last year alongside Jon Rahm and will be hearing a new nickname next time he tees up in a professional event.

“Everybody at the golf course called me ‘champ’ today, I f**king loved it 😂😂😂🏆,” Tatum tweeted. “Can’t wait for the parade tomorrow.”

The 6’8” NBA champ is now precisely that on the course as well. He might need to update the “JT” logo on the side of his bag, maybe with a ring or crown or whatever else he can think of.

Once you win an NBA title, the nicknames and monikers come fast and loose. It seems like Tatum is pretty damn happy about his new golf-course persona.

According to The Athletic, Tatum dove into the game during Covid and even started working with instructor Daniel Boisvert, a far cry from his rookie season where he was spotted whiffing at TopGolf.

“I’d say in the 10 sessions we’ve had, he’s probably made the progress I would see somebody make in 40 sessions, somewhere around there,” Boisvert said. “I tell him that and I think he thinks I’m just blowing steam at him. But a lot of the other coaches and the other guys around my facility, they’re like, ‘Holy smokes, man. He’s come a long way.’”

Not surprising for a guy who quickly jumped up the NBA ranks and is now the No. 1 option on the best team in the league. Tatum may not be winning any PGA Tour events anytime soon, but he’s now (and forever) “Champ” on the course. It could be a lot worse.