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Jason Gore once put a bottle of Dom Perignon AND a bottle of Cristal on the USGA's tab at a Walker Cup

September 09, 2015 ran a cool piece in which current pros share their favorite stories about playing in the Walker Cup. We think you'll agree on our favorite of those favorite stories.

Jason Gore was asked about his experience in 1997 and he talked about the nerves surrounding his opening tee shot. A decent tale, but nothing compared to this follow-up gem:

"That, and I think we had them shut out the first day. And I went and bought a bottle of Dom Perignon and a bottle of Cristal and signed it to the USGA. I signed it to the room. It was 8-0 or something like that, and we had basically won. They said, anything you need, sign it to you room. So I bought a bottle of Dom and a bottle of Cristal. (And they never said anything)."

Dom AND Cristal?! That's a boss move right there. And in case you're wondering, Gore was 23 at the time. Wise beyond his years.