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Jason Dufner absolutely destroys a guy on Twitter for taking a shot at him

December 21, 2015

It hasn't been the best year for Jason Dufner. He got a divorce from his wife Amanda in March and he had just two official top 10s on the PGA Tour.

So perhaps that explains why he was a bit testy on Sunday, especially after coming off the highlight of 2015 on the course -- a win with Brandt Snedeker at the Franklin Templeton Shootout. Some guy on Twitter was unaware of that victory (to be fair, a lot of people were unaware of that victory), and he decided to tweak Dufner by asking him, "when's the last time you won?" Apparently, Dufner didn't like that question.

Dufner then retweeted a couple of supportive reactions from fans, including this:

And then Dufner issued the ultimate dismissal: