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Jason Day's deliberate pace of play continues to be a hot topic

March 28, 2016

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What's not to like about Jason Day? He's won six of his past 13 tournaments. Can outdrive most of the tour with his 3-wood, to go along with a lights-out putting stroke. Has an approachable, down-to-Earth disposition, and his son Dash might be our only shot at world peace.

But, because we can't have nice things, we have to find something wrong with Day. Since his game and character are beyond reproach, critics are directing their gripes towards his pace of play. Or should we say, a lack thereof:

This isn't the first time Day's slow speed has surfaced. The Secret Tour Pro blasted Day's pace in January, claiming the new No. 1 player in the world took nine minutes over a tee shot.

"The biggest high profile culprit of slow play is Jason Day!" said STP. "We should call him Jason AllDay, he's that slow!"

While no one will accuse Day of rushing through a round, I wouldn't classify his approach as leisurely, either. Chalk this fuss up to yesterday's TV presentation. As only two matches were on the course, Day's pre-shot routine was given more exposure than a normal tournament, amplifying his calculated routine. That he's nursing a back issue probably wasn't helping pace matters, either.

Although, this definitely makes his son's name "Dash" a tad ironic, doesn't it?