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Jason Day made 387' 3'' of putts at the Barclays. Here's that number in context

To say Jason Day is good with the putter is like casually mentioning Bora Bora is a nice vacation spot.

The 27-year-old was lights-out on the treacherous greens at Plainfield Country Club, rolling in more than 148 feet and seven inches of made putts on Sunday alone in his victory at the Barclays. To put that figure in perspective, Camilo Villegas leads the PGA Tour in distance of putts made per round at a 82' 1'' mark. For the mathematically challenged, that means Day was rolling in his TaylorMade 87 golf ball at a rate nearly double that of the tour's best player for the year.

So yeah, Day was feeling it.

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For the week, Day converted 387' 3'' of made putts at the Edison, N.J., course. (By the way, there's no public cumulative number revealed by the tour for a per-week basis, meaning my boss was really interested in me calculating this figure or that he hates me. Probably both.) For context, here's Day's feat put into measured context:

  • Day's converted putts measured more than the length of a football field, including end zones.

  • Or, for our friends up north, they were distance from a Canadian goal post to goal post plus 17 yards. Er, 15.5 meters.

  • Day's putts were a third of the height of the Empire State Building.

  • They spanned five John Daly club throws.

  • More than 51 Shawn Bradleys from head to toe. Lord, an army of Shawn Bradleys. Have fun trying to sleep with that image engrained in your brain.

  • It's three and a half times the length of the longest single putt made in PGA Tour history. Craig Barlow holds the record with a 111' 5'' drop at the 2008 Buick Open at Warwick Hills Golf Club outside Flint, Mich.

  • It's 1/13 of a mile. That seemed a lot more impressive when I was typing it into the calculator.

  • It's four times as long as Happy Gilmore's clinching putt at the Tour Championship.

In short: The cat does work with the flat stick.


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