How does this guy bomb it?

March 14, 2010

"I compete against big humans, but I don't want to bulk up," says Sadlowski, 21, of St. Paul, Alberta. "Because I'm lean, I can get in positions other long drivers can't."

To identify those positions, we enlisted the help of Motion Golf, a company that creates 3-D swing animations of players with sophisticated cameras. Sadlowski's power, the company concluded, comes from the incredible torque he generates: He turns his shoulders 166 degrees, but his hips move only 49 degrees, creating an "X-Factor stretch" of 117 degrees.

"That's off the charts," says Golf Digest Teaching Professional Jim McLean, creator of the X-Factor concept. "Tiger is somewhere in the 85-degree range."

The naturally flexible Sadlowski said he stretches for twenty minutes before and after every workout. He does a lot more cardio work than weightlifting. Still, he can bench-press 230 pounds. His power tip: "Think swing fast, not hard."


Renderings: Courtesy of Motion Golf