Famous Jameis

Jameis Winston is addicted to getting ROASTED on the internet, this time for a training camp drill mishap

As the starter in Tampa Bay, Jameis Winston was one of the NFL's best content providers. We lost much of that content a year ago, when Winston was backing up Drew Brees in New Orleans.

As we head into the 2021-'22 NFL season, though, it appears Winston will be very much back in our lives, as he's set to be the starter for the Saints. Well, at least we think he's going to be the starter. With each passing day and each new video of Winston practically begging to get roasted on the internet, the oddsmakers are going to begin to lean toward Taysom Hill winning the starting job.

First, Winston's towel drill seen 'round the world raised a few eyebrows, even though it's a drill a number of QBs, including Patrick Mahomes, have done on tape. Then, on Wednesday, a video that has now been viewed over 4 million times features Winston going through one of those bag gauntlets normally reserved for running backs. After six guys successfully truck through, Winston brings up the rear and damn near gets swallowed whole:

Cripes. The guy simply loves giving us a reason to clown on him. You may be asking yourself, 'why the hell is he doing this drill?' and 'what good could this possibly do for him?' Both valid questions, but, then again, Winston has been known to take off and run on occasion in the past, and while head coach Sean Payton won't use him like he uses Taysom, there's a scenario where a designed run play is called for Winston in a game. With that in mind, it does make sense he'd be in the mix for this drill. 

Unfortunately for Winston, the NFL Network just had to do a live look-in on Saints camp at this very moment. Had they been looking in on another team, this clip is never seen and we all continue living our lives knowing Winston will be under center Week 1. Instead, now over 4 million people are wondering if this guy is really the answer in N.O. The social media world is a cruel, cruel place.