Snipe City, USA

Jack Hughes somehow finding the top corner of the net for this goal is hockey wizardry at its peak

Because of the way Connor McDavid exploded on to the NHL scene, we tend to place lofty expectations on all the highly-touted No. 1 overall picks who come after him. It's extremely unfair, because McDavid is literally one-of-a-kind, and no one after him could possibly live up to that type of hype.

And that's how a guy like Jack Hughes, the 2019 1st overall pick of the New Jersey Devils, still continues to fly under the radar in the Garden State. Meanwhile, he's finally coming into his own, which is hilarious to say given he's only 19 years old.

In 27 games played this year, Hughes has nine assists and seven goals, the sexiest of which found the top of the net on Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Watch as Hughes miraculosly picks the top left corner like some sort of hockey wizard:

Filth. Filthy filthy filth. To be honest, I'm more impressed with the puck control. That thing was bouncing all over the place and he calmly corralled it and embarrassed those two Pens defenders, then had the patience to wait and pick a freaking CORNER. What an absolute stud, which pains me to type as a New York Rangers fan.