He Did What?!?!

This Ja Morant block is literally out of the 'NBA Street Vol. 2' video game

Commentators love to throw the phrase "that was right out of a video game!" around pretty liberally. For NBA stars like Ja Morant, though, that phrase often applies.

The dude can absolutely fly, a skill on full display on Sunday evening in Los Angeles, where the Grizzlies rolled into town and left with a 127-119 victory despite LeBron James putting up a signature 35 point/9 rebound/7 assist performance. Morant had 16, 5 and 7 himself, but it was a play on the defensive end from the point guard that has garnered an astounding 4 million views on the internet already. That's because the play was quite literally out of a video game:

For those unaware, this insane move is called "the turbo block," and, as previously stated, it is directly lifted from a video game, NBA Street Vol. 2, which we have to assume Morant played growing up. Don't believe us? Here's the best clip I could find of said block, which is essentially a two-handed steal/block combination that was once reserved only for this absurd video game until Morant got involved: 

That's Stretch Monroe, the game's fictional main character that graced the cover of the first version of "NBA Street." Countless controllers have been broken over this block, at least in my house growing up. To see Morant actually pull it off in real life is absolutely hilarious. 

Ja Morant: straight out of a video game. Feel free to use that, Nike.