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It's Not so Hot in Iowa

January 15, 2008

We've been suprised at how many clergymen have entered our U.S. Open Contest, one suggesting that his congregation will pray for him to break 100. But we shouldn't be. I suspect there are many men of the cloth who are readers. Just today Rev. Daniel Knipper of Lansing, Iowa, wrote with a couple questions about the Hot List.

Good questions, Reverend. I think it depends. On No. 1, your approach makes sense, especially if you're planning to buy a whole set and don't have a heated range where you can keep those muscles in golf shape. If it's just a driver you're after and you have time to demo a few different ones indoors with a pro watching, that's a bit different. It's a little riskier than waiting to play a whole round with a demo club, but some of us can't wait. On No. 2, it should be easy to find a pro to fit you. In April, about the time Iowa begins its thaw, the PGA of America runs its Free Fitting & Trade Up program. Check for local pros who participate at PGA.com or check the list of pros participating in Free Lesson Month in Golf Digest (May issue)--we usually indicate those also participating in the free trade program. YOu'll also be interested in the PGA Value Guide, which will tell you how much you'll get for your old set.

--Bob Carney