'It's impossible to see Tiger Woods being a contender in U.S. Open'

June 10, 2015

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"We have looked on in astonishment and, occasionally perhaps, maybe even sniggered at his remarkable decline. It has now gone way beyond joke material, though, to see Tiger Woods in such utter disarray. Once so magical but now mystifying, there surely can't be a single golf lover out there not finding it painful to witness one of the game's greats struggling so badly," Martin Dempster of the Scotsman writes. "It's impossible to see him being a contender in next week's US Open."


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"Jack Nicklaus gets asked more about Tiger Woods than he ever did about the golf ball," Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press writes. "The only difference is the nature of the question. For the longest time, it used to be, Do you think Tiger will break your record in the majors?' Now it has become, What's wrong with Tiger?' The answer is the same. Nicklaus really doesn't know."


Brittany Lincicome is so long her nickname is Bam Bam. Dewald Gouws is a long drive competitor. They are engaged. Steve DiMeglio of USA Today has their story and called it "love at first drive…For two years, Lincicome says she's been on cloud nine,' her life on and off the golf course as good as it gets after years of doubt."


Lee Trevino is the new pro emeritus at the Greenbrier and "it was an offer he just couldn't refuse," Cam Huffman writes in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. "Trevino plans on becoming a permanent fixture around the resort's courses. He will spend the entire summer, 70 days, at the resort, doing the two things he loves the most, entertaining and playing golf."