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A golf glove that analyzes your grip pressure

May 25, 2011

It would be an understatement to say that the grip is important to a good golf swing. "Your hands are your only physical link with the tools of the game," Arnold Palmer said on his website. "If they don't transmit your energy properly to the club and thence to the ball, you won't hit much of a shot."


Placement of the hands on the club is important, but so is grip pressure. So how are you going to know whether your grip pressure is correct? How about a golf glove capable of telling you so?

It's called SensoGlove, a cabretta-leather glove with four sensors and a small computer that provides instant audio and visual feedback on your grip pressure, from address through follow-through. If, as you take the club back, your grip is too tight, the SensoGlove will emit a beep.

SensoGlove quotes renowned instructor Jim Flick from a Golf Digest instruction story: "Relaxed muscles are fast muscles. In golf, the surest way to hit the ball shorter with less consistency is to give the club a death grip."

SensoGlove sells for $89. The small computer is removeable and can be used in a replacement glove that sells for $22.48.

-- John Strege