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Is this the moment the world starts rooting for Tiger Woods again?

December 03, 2015

We called Tiger Woods' Q&A with Time Magazine "his most revealing interview ever." Judging by other reactions within the golf media, we weren't exaggerating.

But what did golf fans think? Is it possible that Woods' career has now come full circle from hero to villain and back to being beloved as he approaches his 40th birthday? Is the world rooting for Tiger Woods again now that he's opened up like never before about his injuries, his relationship with his ex-wife, and his love for his kids? Has Tiger even become a sympathetic figure despite an at times prickly personality and a scandal that rocked the world in 2009? These reactions on Golf Digest's Facebook page certainly seem to indicate so.

"You live and you learn. Glad he's finally on the right track and hopefully he gets it now. I hope he takes his time, enjoys his kids, heals, and comes back at some point. Even if it's a year or two." -- Amanda Greer

"Like or hate him you have to feel sorry foe him as he is being forced out before the age of 40 because he beat is body up in the gym and on the range." -- Gordon Lennox

"Got his priorities correct. Still would like to see him play some more competitively without pain." -- Al Toth

"I feel like I'm listening to a totally different person than the Tiger Woods of old." -- Jason Gallimore

"Sounds like Tiger has finally matured. Jack has always been one of my idols not only for his golf but for the way he lived off the course. When Tiger was at his peak I found myself rooting against him in defense of my idols record but looking back I now realize what a privilege it was to watch this amazing player and the dramatic and dominant way he played. I miss those days and I will be rooting for him." -- Jim W Cruse

Usually a Tiger post -- no matter how mundane -- elicits an equal number of strong positive and negative reactions. Not on Thursday:

"I'm surprised! There are no haters in the comments. Well done!" -- Sean WH

Of course, there were still some "haters." Chris Peyton, for one, summed things up succinctly.

"He's playing y'all for fools!!!!!!"

We hope not, Chris. We hope not.