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Is John Hawkins ever happy?

February 21, 2009

John Hawkins' recent columns about Dubai as a Ryder Cup venue, settling for second and  as a Ryder Cup venue and about the Tour without its Tiger, have drawn spirited reaction. The golf season must be in gear; your Hawkins letters are mid-season form. And oh, yeah, Tiger's back.

Dear Editor,

Is John Hawkins ever happy? He never smiles on the Golf Channel. How can he compare Roger Federer to John Rollins? Federer is at the top of the tennis world. He is trying to make more history by getting more wins. Rollins has hopes to just win enough tournaments so people will know him. Surely at his level $542K would make life good. Maybe the next time Tiger loses a lead and gets second do a comparison. Or hey, maybe Hawkins could write a positive editorial about the things Rollins did to get to second place.

__Brooks Pomeranz>

Sanford, NC__

Dear Editor,

Regarding John Hawkins outrage and comment, that Dubai becoming the site of 2018 Ryder Cup "is blasphemy dipped in the slime of shameless financial gain, an act of treason averse to anyone's definition of what is best for the game," let me say this.

__If Hawkins eyesight is adjusted to the European Tour being an organization without conscience, I might suggest he the start of this year's funfest of professional golf. The FBR has become the Munich Octoberfest; the Bob Hope has become such a scratch and giggle thing it's unbearable; it's Disney World without the clown and windmill. The At&T is such a joke to watch an overweight Chris Berman fall down in the bunkers, or watch some celebrity skull a shot over the greens in a feeble attempt to ham it up for the cameras. Most of the bottom tier tournaments are so boring no one is watching. So what is the harm in going to Dubai and dipping into the money bucket and prostituting the event, it already being prostituted! The Ryder Cup begat the Presidents Cup, need we say more.  __

Of course we all agree the Ryder Cup had become something of a sophomoric joke gone badly, sitting  on the edge of seats breathless waiting for Boo to ride his stick horse around the course for another victory lap. I vote that we all tune the thing out. Who cares if the thing is held in Dubai, or French Polynesia?

__The Ryder Cup is commercialized to the infinite degree: a bunch of bizillionaires playing golf for God and country. Get real, the only people playing for God and country is a U.S. soldier carrying a rifle in Afghanistan >

--Bob Jones__

Hold on. What was that again French Polynesia? Would Jean Van De Velde captain that year? I like the sound of French Polynesia... it definitely would bring a smile to John Hawkins' face.

--Bob Carney