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Is Golf Elitist?

February 15, 2009

The subjects of dress codes and grooming policy continue to push your proletarian buttons. Have the comments of Ron Sirak and John Hawkins in Golf World revealed our elitist genes? Jeans?


Dear Editor,


This game is still far too elitist. The game is played by the masses in scrungy Levis, t-shirts, and yes, beards. TPC Scottsdale set up the stadium hole, No. 16, to encourage fan participation; those folks aren't restricted in what they can wear or whether they shave. Get over it and let the game find it's own level of decorum. We don't need the gray hairs to tell us what to do.

George delaCruz

Benicia California

Buchanan Golf Club (public)

Dear Editor,

*"Cargo shorts may be worn while building a golf course--but not while playing one." * John Wyatt, Payson, Ariz."

Living here on Oahu, I thought I'd go ahead and call the PUBLIC course where Obama played and ask them about their dress policy and how often they run that policy by John Wyatt for his approval.

Turns out that Pres. Obama followed the dress code and they have never heard of John Wyatt. Go figure.

I'm just glad Pres. Obama went ahead and wore the cargo shorts rather than take a page from the Republicans. That would be to have worn them in secret anyway and then issue a stong public statement denouncing such actions from others.

Todd V.

Honolulu, HI

Dear Editor,

You made it sound as if being a DEMOCRAT is some what bad. Sir, there are a lot of us that are DEMOCRATS, and we are as American as you and anyone else.

Tom Gonzales

Cheyenne WY

Sorry, Tom we meant to say that being a Democrat in cargo shorts and a beard is bad. Democrats who dress like Republican dentists are fine.

--Bob Carney