In Tiger We Trust/Distrust

November 09, 2008

We've been talking about Tiger here--"Too Much Tiger?", "Manny and Tiger"--and it caused me to look over some of the notes we've got on Tiger's injury. He're a sweet one from Elaine Daley of Lynn, MA:



Thank you for the question about Tiger Woods missing the rest of the golf reaction is 'Golf without Tiger is like Heaven without God.' This is why I have been sick with sympathy pains for Tiger andpray for him to get well very soon. He is Incredible.


Not so much sympathy from John O'Callahan of Winston Park, NY. I can't print everything John believes about Tiger and his knee injury, but here's typical line from his letter:


Of course, he has an infinite excuse for his losses and a 'crown' for his 'super-human' performance if he wins.


This dichotomy of views never ceases to amaze me. Not unlike what I've heard about Barack Obama in the past few months. For more on that parallel, read Ron's Sirak terrific piece tomorrow on the "Jackie Robinson" moment that is Obama's election and Tiger's part in that. Good stuff.

--Bob Carney

(Photo by Walter Iooss)