In case you were in the market for a sexy pushcart ...

January 23, 2014
ORLANDO -- When I was younger, I came to the PGA Merchandise Show curious to find products that would help improve my game.

More than a decade removed from my last Show, I returned to Orlando this week with a 4 as the first digit of my age and a new strategy. The search now is for things that will help me simply finish 18 holes.

It's why I've spent a lot of time looking at pushcarts -- tendinitis in my left shoulder was last month's Christmas present -- and in the process stumbled upon Big Max Golf.


What makes The Blade stand out is the fact that it barely stands out, at least when it's folded up. The slim design is just 34 inches tall and less than 5 inches deep, so it eats up hardly any space when you're transporting it to and from the course.

Once you're ready to use it, The Blade opens up with three simple steps that are easy enough for even this 42-year-old to figure out without spraining a wrist. I let Reiter, an expert in these matters, demonstrate.

The Blade comes in four colors and can be tricked out with a variety of accessories that frankly I didn't even know you needed with a pushcart (GPS device holder anyone?) but now can't imagine not wanting. MSRP is $350, with the allowable sell price of $300. It's the only think bulky with the Big Max. But considering the cost of the physical therapy for my shoulder, I consider this money well spent.