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In A New York Minute

August 22, 2007

HARRISON, N.Y. -- Steve Sands flew in from Orlando on Monday to cover the

start of the FedEx Cup playoffs for the Golf Channel. Right off the plane,

Sands was given a quick taste of how New York feels about Tiger Woods

skipping The Barclays.

One of Sands' first calls was to New York's famous sports-talk radio

station, WFAN. The show's host Richard Neer put Sands on the air and asked

him how was he doing.

"Doin' great," Sands said. "Absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on some

corned beef and pastrami in the city."

There was a pregnant pause. No small talk. Just fastballs.

"He didn't even laugh or tell me, 'The Carnegie Deli,' " Sands said. "He

said, 'Why is Tiger snubbing New York?' Almost like he didn't hear me. It

was hilarious, like he totally ignored me. It was funny. I laughed. Then he

asked, 'Why is Tiger snubbing NY? Why is he letting down the tour? And why

is he slapping the other players in the face?' Three in a row.


Welcome to New York, Steve.

"Everything's direct here," said Sands. "I love that. Love it."