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I'm Being Ambushed

February 15, 2008

The word is (getting) out. I'm the new travel editor at Golf Digest. The word is also out about the Ambush. My Inbox is being peppered with a combination of e-mails from PR people pitching me on press junkets or story ideas, buddy-trip itineraries from next week through December (there have been 116 Ambush submission as of February 15th) and the occasional note from friends and family telling me they haven't had a chance to read this Where's Matty G? blog yet, but they will (if they love me). Keep 'em all coming.

I've spent the last few days reviewing the Ambush entries and selecting a few to consider for the May issue. The first group I ambushed, 16 guys in Georgia, was a huge hit. Their story will appear in the April issue. I've also been working on the two-minute video of the Ambush--which will appear on at the same time the April issue hits the newsstand (first week in March).

The entries are fun to read. Some of you get very serious about a golf trip. That's exactly what this concept is designed to celebrate. I gravitate toward the submissions that take a few sentences to explain some of the more interesting trip traditions, give colorful descriptions of the players involved or the prizes that go to the winners. I can't believe how many of you have your own tournament website.

Ray Gondola's group will be in Arizona in March. They start their trip on a Monday. They're relying on me to show up because they expect to "run out of golf balls by Tuesday!".  Ray says he's completely deaf allowing him to bug his playing partners "all day long and they can't do a damn thing about it, except take my money."

Pat Shevlin's group from Georgia doesn't look like a bad candidate. The "No Wives Golf Classic" has a website (hasn't been updated in awhile). They have five sets of former college roommates, three sets of brothers, eight guys who used to live in the same neighborhood, a father/son-in-law duo and "one of the best margarita makers in the world (Vinnie Bugge)." They represent 10 different states, some guys wear knickers and if you make a hole-in-one your trip is free.

The Ambush is quickly becoming my favorite part of an incredible job. Thank you for sharing your trips with us. I am wishing we could do more than 12 a year.

As for all of those PR pitches I've been receiving, I've selected what appears to be the best of the week. I haven't visited this place and don't necessarily endorse it. I'm just passing it along, and you can do with it as you please.

Rosewood Mayakoba (pictured) looks pretty strong and looked like it was worth sharing. If you've been there, or go anytime soon, please let me know about it. Here's what the folks at Rosewood Mayakoba say about it: [#image: /photos/55ad7080add713143b421bc1]|||Mayakoba|||

Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico (30 minutes south of Cancun):

The hotel is now open and we think it would be a good match for Golf Digest readers. There is a stunning 18-hole Greg Norman course at Mayakobá, which hosted the first PGA Tour event in Mexico last year. The tournament returns for Year 2 next week. Rosewood Mayakobá offers guests a beautiful, more intimate, luxe option for those interested in playing golf along the Riviera Maya. A lancha (sleek, canvas-covered boat), will take guests from their private dock to the first tee, through the winding lagoons on the property.

--Matty G