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This Illinois player pretending to go to the bench then stealing the ball while up 23 is a form of bullying

On Thursday night, the Northwestern Wildcats took a 43-28 lead into halftime over No. 12 ranked Illinois. Would you believe it if we told you that Darren Rovell's Alma Mater proceeded to lose the game by 25 points? A 40-point swing? No chance, right? 

Welp, believe it, folks. The Cats were outscored in astounding fashion in the second half, 53-13 to be exact. This wasn't a collapse, it was a complete second-half no-show, extending Northwestern's losing streak to three. In each of those defeats, the Wildcats have lost by at least 15 points. 

To add insult to injury, Fighting Illini freshman Andre Curbelo decided to toy with Northwestern late in the second half. Already up by 23, Curbelo pretended to walk toward the bench, only to sneak up on Wildcats guard Ryan Greer, pick his pocket and finish the layup to pour it on:

Sheesh. The equivalent of faking a field goal when you're up 34-3. It be like that for Northwestern right now. Next up for the Cats: at Ohio State, home against No. 5 Iowa, at Penn State, at No. 8 Wisconsin, home against No. 15 Rutgers. Going to be a long winter in Evanston.