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Ike's Golf Career

March 12, 2008

Ralph Bolstad liked the President Eisenhower piece in April, in which it was revealed that the Presidency of the United States was the dream job for a golfer in the 1950s. (Ike had 194 golf days in 1958, more than 1,000 throughout his two terms.).


Enjoyed the article about Ike and his golf playing. The pictures of Ike were great!!! Brought back a lot of fond memories. One thing I hoped might be part of the article was a paragraph or two on the type equipment, golf clubs and balls, that Ike used. If that is available would appreciate any info you can share. I'm a long time subscriber to your magazine. You guys do a great job!!!

I'm tempted to say he played with any darn equipment he wanted (President Bill Clinton told us he was inundated with clubs), and in a way, that's true. But Ike played Spalding because those were the clubs that Bob Jones endorsed. In fact, Eisenhower's irons had a special insignia on the backs: "General Ike." Thanks for the question.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: AP)