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If The Glove Doesn't Fit ...

June 14, 2007

If your glove looks like this one, you either stopped playing years ago, have been pulling weeks with it or are as cheap as a flea-market T-shirt. Time to upgrade!

While you're at it, buy a couple of gloves, and rotate them. They'll last longer.

Here are some of the latest gloves:

NO SWEAT: FOOTJOY's SciFlex ($18) uses breathable leather and microfibers along the fingers of the glove; the TAYLORMADE Burner features an antimicrobial material on the back of the glove ($13); ETONIC's G>SOK ($16) extends the cuff and lines it with an absorbent wristband.

FLEXIBLE FRAME: Lycra inserts between the leather sections on the TITLEIST Perma-Tech ($16) and the CALLAWAY Tech Series ($12) are designed to stretch the way the hand stretches. This helps optimize the glove's fit.

FEEL ME: The leather on the MIZUNO Skintite ($15) can be less than half a millimeter thick, and NIKE's Dri-Fit Tour ($18) has a curved-finger design.

__SHOCK TALK:__The padded sections of the FOOTJOY ShockStopper ($25) and the Bionic from HILLERICH & BRADSBY ($25) provide relief to arthritis suffers and are U.S. Golf Association approved.

-- Mike Stachura