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It's June in an even-numbered year. Of course Titleist has a new driver for its tour pros

To borrow from an old saying, there are some things you can rely on: death, taxes ... and Titleist introducing a new line of metalwoods every other year at the Quicken Loans (formerly AT&T) National.


The most noticeable change from its previous driver, the 913, is the addition of a channel on the sole of the club. (Channels, which have been around for about five years, are typically intended to help shots hit low on the face.) The 915's alignment aid is also slightly different (triangle-in-a-triangle appearance).

What remains is a rear weight that can help dial in the swingweight and an adjustable hosel to change the loft and lie angle. If form holds, expect the clubs to be at retail this fall.

I discussed the new driver, among other equipment topics, during an appearance Wednesday on Golf Channel's "Morning Drive."

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