Ian Poulter live-tweeted his Christmas Day festivities, showed off his sweet new onesie

December 26, 2013

What does Christmas Day for a PGA Tour player looks like? Thanks to Ian Poulter and his healthy appetite for the spotlight, we don't have to wonder anymore. Poulter took to Twitter on Christmas Day and live-tweeted events, ugly sweaters and all.

Looks like the Poulter family is giving the Donalds a run for their money.

What to get "someone who has everything?" (except a stroke play victory in the United States. . .) Simple: a sweet Superman onesie.

And as if it wasn't sweet enough already, he added some socks and sandals to his new getup.

The order of things is very important: Wake up, wear Superman onesie, *then *champagne.

And then food, obviously.

Scott Piercy chimed-in at one point because it appears his wife got him the same Superman onesie. Could this be first style trend of 2014?

And finally, what better way to sign off Christmas Day 2013 with an awesome family selfie.

Another good Christmas in the books!