Ian Poulter gets prank birthday gift, doesn't appreciate it

January 14, 2016

Ian Poulter turned the big 4-0 on Sunday and his fellow European tour pros showered him with gifts on Wednesday. Well, by showered, we mean they gave him one gift. And that gift was something they knew he wouldn't like.

Players at this week's EurAsia Cup in Malaysia signed a soccer jersey and presented it to Poulter. The problem? It was a Tottenham jersey, and Poulter is an avid fan of the Spurs' Premier League rival, Arsenal. Watch Poulter's reaction here after team captain Darren Clarke pulls it out of a bag:

That's some strong video editing there, cutting it off just as Poulter is about to say an obscenity. Later, Poulter posed with the shirt:

But it wasn't all bad for Poults. Check out the cake his teammates got him:

"That's a proper birthday gift right there," Poulter exclaims. We couldn't agree more.