If you’re like most golfers, your confidence from shot to shot is a bit of a rollercoaster. Maybe you feel good about hitting a little fade off the tee, but get in a fairway bunker, and you’re a wreck. Maybe a fairway wood is a green-light shot for you, but from 40 yards out on a tight lie, it’s game over. Most golfers would conclude: That’s golf.

You can do better. With our comprehensive video series “How to Hit Every Shot in Golf,” you’ll learn the simple setup and swing keys to playing all the basic shots—37 of them in all. Your instructors are two of the top teachers in the game, swing expert Mike Malaska and short-game whiz Stan Utley, and two of the rising stars in golf instruction, Shaun Webb and Ashley Moss. In 37 individual video lessons, this foursome of teaching talent shares easy-to-use advice for expanding your shotmaking arsenal. Off the tee, you’ll master shots like the power draw and the scary first-tee shot. Into the green, you’ll learn to hit irons and hybrids, play from sloped lies, and survive half-wedge territory. From short range, it’s basic chips and pitches, long lags and pressure putts. You’ll see how easy these and many other shots can be if you follow a simple plan.

Stop letting confusion and intimidation rule your shotmaking. Get the basics on all the standard shots, and you’ll play with confidence and watch your scores drop. Nothing beats picking the shot you want to hit and knowing in your gut you can hit it. Let’s get started!


1 Basic Drive

2 The Draw

3 The Fade

4 10 More Yards

5 The Stinger

6 Staying in Play

7 Dogleg Drive

8 Crosswind Drive

9 The First-Tee Shot

1 Fairway-Wood Shot

2 Basic Iron Shot

3 Hybrid Shot

4 From the Rough

5 Fairway-Bunker Shot

6 The Knockdown

7 Full-Wedge Shot

8 Downhill Lie

9 Uphill Lie

10 Ball Above Feet

11 Ball Below Feet

1 40-Yard Shot

2 The Bump-and-Run

3 Pitch from Rough

4 10-Yard Shot

5 The Lob Shot

6 Bunker Shot

7 The Buried Lie

8 Long Bunker Shot

1 Collection Area

2 On a Green Bank

3 Half In, Half Out

4 Against the Collar

5 Short-Side Chip

6 Off-Green Putt

7 The Long Lag

8 Pressure Putt

9 The Short Putt

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