How to describe Tiger Woods' driving? Fore right! and fore left!

August 02, 2014

Tiger Woods' former instructor Hank Haney entitled his book about him, "The Big Miss." These days, it's the big two-way miss for Woods, as Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee called it on Saturday.


(Getty Images photo)

Woods' driving has been pathetic, and he has been missing both wide left and wide right. He hit only four of 14 fairways on the South Course at Firestone Friday and six of 14 Saturday, as he fell out of contention in the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

"When I watch him he almost reminds me of an aging actor in Los Angeles who's had so much plastic surgery that they're unrecognizable," Chamblee said on Golf Central Pregame. "As I watch Tiger Woods play golf right now, his golf swing to me is completely unrecognizable. At his worst, when he was trying to shorten his golf swing it wasn't this short, it wasn't this quick in transition, it wasn't this narrow.

"The head is bobbing more up and down than I've ever seen it. So the combination of short backswing, narrow backswing, quick hip turn and the bob up and down give him a two-way miss.

"If you've been watching this week you've seen some of the worst misses you've ever seen from Tiger Woods. He not only has a two-way miss, he has a big two-way miss right now, and is completely out of sorts."

As Paul Azinger noted on ESPN's telecast of the British Open last month, "It's a glaring weakness in his game. You're not going to be the No. 1 player in the world if you can't drive the ball. Right now Tiger cannot drive the ball in the fairway."