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How Green is Golf, cont'd

April 11, 2008

Well. That April golf-and-the-environment story certainly aroused your attention and, for many of you, your ire. This letter from Ken Artingstall of Glendale, California (Ronald Reagan country if I'm not mistaken), is the latest in a rapid series:

Be careful if you intend to enter the political arena in a sports publication. There are plenty of us who believe the so-called "environmental movement" is just socialism in its latest guise, "man-made global warming" is a hoax and "endangered species protection" is typical baby-boomer hubris. I no more believe humans can "control" this planet's environment than I'll be playing Augusta National on Masters Sunday. Stick to your knitting: You're a golf publication, not the Sierra Club.

Thanks, Ken. Your letter reminds me again of golf's power to bring together diverse human groups--like yours and mine, for instance. That unifying (and civilizing) power was on breathtaking display at Augusta National today, when the son shone, people were extremely nice to one another, strangers talked about a game they loved and nobody littered.

Events that can do that are an endangered species.

--Bob Carney