Hot List 2007: Drivers

May 31, 2007

__/ EXPLOSION /__Nothing in golf changes lives more than an obliterated tee shot. For you, it's a walk-off home-run, buzzer-beating fadeaway-jumper, get-the-girl kind of good. For your opponent, it's a blindside-tackle, sudden-uppercut-to-the-solar-plexus, have-a-LifeSaver kind of bad. Golfers walk taller when they've outdriven other members of their foursome. They should. After all, is there a greater sense of self-worth an individual can experience than to stand on the tee box of a difficult driving hole and blast one to flip-wedge distance? No, there is not. Looking for a little boost to your self-esteem? Try one of these monsters. Expect better service at the bar, too.