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Hot List for Women ?

January 09, 2008

Wendy Liljenquist of Riverton, Utah found our Hot List coverage, as extensive as it was, lacking in one department.



I am a reader of Golf Digest and have been waiting for the Hot List issue which I received today. I was disappointed that nothing was written on women's clubs specifically. I have been waiting to purchase some new clubs but wanted to see what your magazine said. In particular, I am interested in a women's set. The Adams a3 set. Can you find out for me anything about this set or any other womens sets? It would really help me to know if any of this equipment would be recommended by someone who has tested it. Just talking to a young salesman at a store does not help.

For the record, Wendy, the February Hot List package does indicate which clubs on the list offer options for women. Women testers were part of the process of choosing the list.

Beyond that, you'll be happy to know that in the March issue we will devote multiple pages specificially to women's clubs, inlcuding the Adams Idea a3 set.

--Bob Carney