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Holland's dad becomes on-course reporter

August 28, 2009

TULSA, OKLA.--Malcolm Holland doesn't have a Twitter account, but a PDA with working e-mail does the same trick. While following his son Charlie's quarterfinal match Friday morning against Peter Uihlein, Holland could be found putting together a running diary of the match for friends back home in Dallas.

"I'm sending this to some guys at the club, who then send it out to a group of people," Holland said as he walked down the first fairway at Southern Hills. "I think the list is up to 500 who are reading it."

Holland started the on-course reporting earlier in the week and had thought about begging off the assignment as Charlie continued to advance in match play. But the outcry was too great from the folks back in Dallas for Holland to put the device away.

"It's actually a good thing," Holland said. "It keeps me from getting too nervous."