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Hole-in-One Lady 2

October 25, 2007

More mail on the hole-in-one lady in the November issue. "Kudos to Dave Kindred for exposing Jackie Gagne in his fabulous article," writes Rodger Hergert of Rockford, IL.

Sixteen holes-in-one and no one ever sees the ball go in the hole? And a six-handicapper shooting a 61? I'm sorry but that is pushing the limits of believability too far. I also applaud Golf Digest for not recognizing the 16 "aces" as a record without more substantial proof. I find this whole story ludicrous and disturbing.

Ric Carroll of Grand Rapids had a more, well, visceral, reaction to the piece.

I have read your magazine for quite a while now. I keep the monthly issue around, and often review the articles. This issue had me fired up though. Your article about that lady with the holes in one? I got so mad, that I tore the 2 pages out with her pictures on them. I could not stand seeing her smug... little fake smile anymore.... "Shame on you lady!..... >

Carroll signed his letter, "getting over it." Our headline asked: "Do you believe her?" Our readers are leaning no.

--Bob Carney