Bargain Shoppers


There's a reason the drivers on this year's Hot List earned distinction. But that doesn't mean that good isn't available for less than the going rate of $300 to $500. Although the Gold and Silver winners are at the top of our list, if you can't spend that much, there are some options:

First, consider some past Hot List honorees that are available on the used-club market. A used Callaway FT-5, for example, can be had for about $200. Want something new? Component-maker Geek Golf (1), a favorite of long-drive players, offers the "Dot Com This" for $125 (clubhead only).

Is it any good? Ask Mike Dobbyn, who hit a 551-yard drive in a Harmon Tour event last summer using the Dot Com This. The Snake Eyes (2) Python XL performed well in our player and robot tests and costs only $120 for the head, or about twice that assembled. You don't have to spend a lot for one of the new, techy geometric drivers, either. Hippo Golf (3) has the uniquely shaped, multimaterial Hex driver, which offers plenty of engineering know-how for just $150, graphite shaft included. Grip, too. Honest.