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Kansas City Chiefs player posts perfect reaction to report of unfinished haircut ahead of Super Bowl

February 03, 2021

If you plan on making any prop bets ahead of Super Bowl LV, you might want to hold off until right before kickoff. You know, to make sure the players you're betting on will actually be participating in the big game.

Two Kansas City Chiefs players, wide receiver Demarcus Robinson and center Daniel Kilgore were placed on the COVID-19 list on Monday following a haircut in which they were exposed to someone with the virus. Yes, a haircut. And yes, that person was a barber. But as we found out on Wednesday, the situation was almost a LOT worse.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported there were over 20 Chiefs players and staffers scheduled to get a cut on Sunday, including Patrick Mahomes. Apparently, Mahomes never made it to the barber's chair or this could have been Tom Brady's easiest Super Bowl win ever.

Following Schefter's report, many wondered which player had his haircut interrupted "mid-cut." Turns out, it was Kilgore. And he was able to make light of the situation with a pretty brilliant tweet:

Apparently, the man can block and photoshop. Part of the reason why he can joke about things (At least, we think that's a joke. . . right?) is that he has since tested negative for COVID (Both he and the barber were wearing masks, according to Schefter). And as long as he stays that way until Saturday, he'll be able to travel with the team to Tampa and play in Sunday's Super Bowl.

Of course, there are still some lingering questions. Like why did all these guys have to get haircuts now of all times? Mahomes is always showing off his long locks in those Head & Shoulders commercials! And if they knew the barber was about to get test results back, why didn't they just wait a few more minutes?

In any event, a potential disaster was averted. Well, on the football field at least. It remains to be seen how badly Kilgore's hair was actually butchered.