Hey, Wild Thing, scotch the 'pajama-trousers'

July 10, 2009

"Christ, I was aghast when I saw him!" rasped a Scottish marshall on the 9th tee after seeing the insouciant Daly lumbering towards him.

So reports Graham Spiers in the Times this morning, on the garish pants worn by John Daly in the Scottish Open.

Yet the Scots generally approved of his trousers, described by Spiers as "a bonfire of colour, at least six different shades of polka-dot, from his rear to his ankles."

"Strangely for a sometimes disapproving, Presbyterian nation, the Scots really took to this sight at the Barclays Scottish Open," he writes. "They tend not to like exhibitionism in these parts, and certainly not on a golf course, from which this nation gave this game to the world, along with a code of conduct. And that code clearly states that pyjama-trousers are out."

This is what Daly does best -- making a spectacle of himself, one way or another.

-- John Strege