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Here's Larry the Cable Guy playing golf with shirtless World Series champ Kevin Millar. You've been warned

January 11, 2016

Kevin Millar has never been a conventional sort. The former first baseman and current MLBTV broadcaster infamously did shots of Crown Royal in the dugout during the Boston Red Sox's historic comeback over the New York Yankees in 2004. He would feign exaggerated phones calls to avoid autograph seekers. He owns the Guinness world record for giving the largest toast. And despite that it's no longer 2002 and that he's 44, Millar still rocks blonde highlighted tips. He's a different cat.

You'd think we'd be prepared for just about anything from the 12-year veteran. You'd be wrong.

For the following image came across our radar, thanks to, of all people, comedian Larry the Cable Guy:

The duo was in Las Vegas for a charity tournament. On second thought, we suppose it would be weird if a pairing of Larry the Cable Guy and Kevin Millar didn't produce a shirtless pic.