Here's Drew Bledsoe drinking wine and wearing a "Scary" Terry Rozier shirt

May 04, 2018

Alright, so it's no Will Smith Gatorade-ad-on-steroids Philadelphia 76ers pump-up video. But the Boston Celtics have a celebrity hype man of their own. And no, we're not talking about Donnie Wahlberg.

Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe remarkably returned to the news last month during Boston's first-round series with the Milwaukee Bucks when guard Terry Rozier accidentally (we think?) called opponent Eric Bledsoe "Drew Bledsoe." It started a beef between the two, with Eric acting like he didn't know who Rozier was. (Not a great response: Rozier averaged 17.6 points and 6.7 assists against Bledsoe as the Celtics advanced.) It was especially bizarre considering, well, Drew Bledsoe accomplished far greater fame and feats on the gridiron than Eric has on the hardwood.

However, in case there was any doubt on the victor of the Rozier-Bledsoe bout (which we thought was finished when Rozier wore a Drew Bledsoe jersey to Game 1 of the Celtics second-round matchup against the Sixers), Rozier delivered the knockout thanks to...Drew Bledsoe, who posted this photo of himself toasting Rozier in a "Scary Terry" t-shirt:

Frankly, we'd be surprised if Bledsoe wasn't spending his retirement drinking wine in a button-down shirt.

The post proved to be a good-luck charm, as Rozier dropped 20 points, nine assists and seven boards in Boston's 108-103 victory Thursday night. Although, given Rozier has come to prominence following Kyrie Irving's injury, it would be apropos if Tom Brady worked himself into this drama.