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Henrik Stenson gets asked about Performance Enhancing Drugs, makes a Viagra joke instead

Henrik Stenson was asked about the PGA Tour's drug testing program at the Valspar Championship on Wednesday, no-doubt in response to John Daly calling the whole process a "joke."

The question was pretty simple: "If you were running the program, would you be more inclined to test you after winning Deutsche Bank or the following week?" Stenson responded by saying that, basically, he's not even sure if there are any PEDs in existence that can help someone play better golf. Except it was a little more colorful than that:

"It depends on what you're looking for and I mean there's rules for everything that's on those lists but, again, I've said that before. Long and straight. Viagra might be the only one that's going to get you anywhere. I don't know. What else? I don't know what else you take for performance enhancement in golf. I don't know."

"Long and straight." That's Stenson's motto, and he proved as much early during the first round of the tournament the next day: