Henni and Hally: Women With Game

Catriona Matthew explains the captaining strategy she used to win back-to-back Solheim Cups


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Catriona Matthew won’t admit it, but she knew exactly what she was doing when she stepped into the role of Team Europe captain for the 2019 and 2021 Solheim Cups. The Scottish professional played in nine Solheim Cups over the course of her career, under six different captains. With that kind of experience, it’s no surprise that Matthew became the first European to captain back-to-back Solheim Cup wins, after her team won on American soil at Inverness Club in Ohio. Along with the 2013 Cup at Colorado Golf Club, that was just the second time in the history of the event that the Europeans emerged victorious on opposing turf.

“I think it helped that I played in so many,” said Matthew. “I got into the teams in various sorts of ways. I played my way in, I got picked, so I knew of every scenario it took to get onto the team. So I think that helped with the players who were all in those different sorts of positions.”

On the second episode of Henni & Hally: Women With Game, a newly relaunched podcast that focuses on women’s golf, Matthew breaks down her successful career as a professional, winning a major soon after giving birth, and her historic Solheim Cup accomplishments. Humble doesn’t even begin to describe how Matthew views her captaincy, but maybe that’s what made her such a strong leader.

“My main thing was communication, getting to know the players,” said Matthew. “I didn’t change who I was. I really just tried to be myself. I didn’t sit there and think about what kind of leader I’d be or what sort of captain I’d try to be. I just tried to be myself.”

Matthew’s conversation with hosts Henni Koyack and Hally Leadbetter is just the beginning of a string of female guests who will join the podcast to discuss their unique roles in the golf industry. Leadbetter and Koyack aim to tell the stories of women in the game of golf, beyond the talented players who we watch on tour. Expect female rules officials, college coaches, tournament managers, amateurs, caddies, and more to join the second season of the podcast soon.

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