InstructionJune 19, 2014

HelpMeGolfDigest: Mike McGetrick fixes your posture and plane

By Matthew Rudy

Mike McGetrick has spent more than 25 years helping tour players such as Brandt Jobe, Juli Inkster and Meg Mallon win multiple tournaments and major championships, but his reputation was built working with average players at his academy outside Denver. The five-time Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year and 1999 PGA Teacher of the Year has relocated to Delray Beach, Fla., and he spent some time this week getting back to his roots, analyzing some of the swings you submitted via Instagram and Twitter for our #HelpMeGolfDigest project.

Reader @iamjesseurbaetis earns Rickie Fowler style points for the backward hat, but needs to make some posture improvements to replicate some of Fowler's ball-striking skills.

"Jesse is too close to the ball at address, and his hands are too high," McGetrick says. "Because of that, the club goes too much around his body, and he's coming over the top of it. If he bends over more and lowers his hands so that he has an angle between his hands and arms, his shoulders will turn on a different plane. That better posture will also give him a more level hip turn, and he'll be able to keep his upper body behind the ball on the forward swing."

Reader @hawkfu does some good things with his swing, but will get more power and consistency with better shoulder action. He also needs a new cameraperson.

"This is a pretty good swing, but I'd tell Joey to try for a different feel with his shoulders," McGetrick says. "He needs to feel his left shoulder going more down and low in the backswing and the right shoulder going up. Right now, the club works too much to the inside and he's swaying off the ball. With that adjustment, the club will move more straight back and less around, and feel like it's staying more in front of his body. The forward swing would then be the opposite -- with the left shoulder working up and the right shoulder down."

Keep submitting swings via Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #HelpMeGolfDigest. We're especially interested in reviewing short game and putting shots for a future edition.

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