Heard Through The Golf Grapevine


Inflation Run Amok: How out of control is inflation in Zimbabwe? According to the South African Herald, one golf course in the capital city of Harare recently raised the price of beer twice -- in the course of a single round. Players paid one price before the round started, another at the turn and still more at the 19th hole. U.S. ambassador Christopher Dell expects inflation to reach 1.5 million percent by year's end.

Coconut Rules: A 7-iron shot by Robert Arkin at La Gorce CC in Miami Beach struck high in a palm tree recently, felling a coconut. Arkin inspected the coconut and found his ball was imbedded in it. Rather than taking a drop, Arkin said he replaced the coconut, took his driver and swung, the ball emerging from the coconut and scooting 50 yards down the fairway. From there, Arkin hit a lob wedge to 10 inches for a tap-in bogey that enabled him to win the hole.

-- John Strege