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He knows greatness...up close

March 27, 2010

ORLANDO -- Reporters are paid to ask questions. Ask enough and bad questions are inevitable -- but still serve a purpose.

Then there was this exchange from Saturday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

A reporter from the United Kingdom asked a PGA Tour rookie paired with Scotland's Colin Montgomerie in the third round if he, "felt he were in the presence of greatness."

The rookie was Sam Saunders, grandson of Arnold Palmer and two-time club champion at Bay Hill Club where he grew up under the tutelage of the legendary player. Saunders just smiled politely and then offered a polite answer. "He's done a lot of great things, and he's a great player, and he's meant a lot to the game."


An American writer followed up. "Would it be safe to say you're used to being in the presence of greatness?"

"Uh, yes," Saunders, holding back a laugh, said with a tone that suggested, "No, duh."

--Dave Shedloski